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  • EPON levnější než ethernet 

    Rádi by jsme Vám touto cestu chtěli přinést mnokrát vyzkoušené řešení ( levné ), které umí kombinovt mnoho služeb např. DVB-T/C, IPTV,Internet po jednom fyzickém vedení . Na tomto specialozovaném webu najdete všechny aktivní prvky pro stavbu takové sítě včetně funkčního návrhu sítě. Věškeré produkty, které zde najdete jsou od renomovaných dodavatelů z celého světa. Veškeré zákaznické projekty tedy řesíme přímo s dodavatelem technologie, tak aby vždy byla zvolena optimální varianta řešení. 

    Pokud si chcete vyzkoušet zmiňovaný HW, poskytneme Vám celé DEMO pro přenos TV + Internetu. 

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    IPTV midleware

    S našimi produkty a řešení můžete poskytnout rychle a efektivně organizovaný přístup k video službám založených na IP nebo DVB sítích pro všechny účastníky. IPTV řešení je určeno pro všechny druhy služeb jako jsou VoD, IPTV a OTT a to bez dodatečných nákladů včetně sítě DVB-T/C. Jsem schopni Vám poskytnout DEMO aplikaci.

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až 1,5 Gb/s agregovaně včetně GPS modulu

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Prodejní cena bez DPH14050,00 Kč
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Popis produktu


The B5 Backhaul is changing the game. Leveraging 802.11ac, 4x4:4 MIMO and radical engineering for service providers that demand the same capacity, speed and reliability as fiber. With 1.7 Gbps PHY and a unique spin on reliability, the B5 is re-defining gigabit wireless technology.

The B5 is capable of 1 Gbps throughput and has an integrated dual-polarized antenna with 25 dBi of gain. Ready to handle the next wave of 5 GHz, the B5 is operational from 5150-5850 MHz. The B5 brings with it an entirely new set of features never seen before in the outdoor wireless market.

Dual Link

revolutionizes backhaul reliability by load balancing across two non-contiguous channels to avoid outages due to interference. If one channel experiences interference the radio maintains connection while simultaneously searching for new replacement channel. Additionally, Dual Link adds value by easing difficulties when searching for available spectrum in congested areas. Now, bandwidth can be split across two different channels. Experience the same throughput, with less complication.


For the highest interference environments, the new TDMA-FD (Frequency Diversity) feature allows each radio to operate on a separate preferred RX channel that is optimal for local interference. After the RX window has completed, the radio then flips channels to TX on the preferred channel of the remote side radio. This mode can be enabled for 1 x 20/40/80 MHz modes, for IP throughputs up to 750 Mbps.

Auto Everything

Wireless interference can change in an instant, and your network needs to adapt. The Mimosa B5 offers constant spectrum analysis with historical and real-time data to dynamically make smarter decisions.

The Auto Everything feature will automatically adjust frequency, channel width and power levels based on environmental feedback. This feature can be turned off for users that prefer more control.

Local and Network-Wide Spectrum Multiplication

With scarce spectrum and lots of traffic to transmit, collocation of devices is a must. While this has been a constant struggle for most of the products on the market, the B5 takes an advanced approach. Using standard GPS and GLONASS for sync, we can ensure that all radios on the network are transmitting and receiving at the same time to avoid any interference. For even more protection, we use the most advanced RF isolation on the market, allowing radios to operate in close proximity to one another.

Backhaul Made Simple

We're making climbing towers easier. The B5 is the lightest gigabit-integrated backhaul in the industry, and features a quick-mount bracket to eliminate installation frustration.

To save you operating costs, we engineered the perfect solution for solar-based deployment: 1 Gbps performance with GPS sync delivered in under 20W.

Outdoor IP67 rating, extended temperature operation and fully-integrated lightning ESD protection make the B5 ultra-tough.

A dedicated management 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi radio lets your smartphone easily configure the B5 from the bottom of the tower. Smart GPS-assisted aiming technology triangulates your link's goal signal strength for fine tuning.

High Performance

The Mimosa TDMA protocol establishes a new benchmark for PHY:MAC efficiency and spectrum re-use.

Each Mimosa backhaul radio includes an integrated high sensitivity GPS + GLONASS receiver for the best possible satellite reception, and consistent high-precision 1 PPS-based timing for coordinating TX/RX sync.

Configure the radio for an equal (50%/50%) or unequal (75%/25%) traffic splits to maximize throughput in the downlink direction.

Stream Power Peaking
- Multi-stream MIMO radios normally settle on the lowest MCS rate across all the streams, severely degrading performance. Mimosa’s backhaul radios constantly advise the remote-side radio of individual stream receive levels, increasing those signal levels to meet the highest common attainable MCS rate.

Predictive AGC
- When there’s a consistent signal from a single client, Mimosa’s Automatic Gain Control narrows the gain window of the receive signal amplitude for the next incoming packets (by 8 dB) to accelerate packet signal level detection.

Precision Receive Activation
- A technique by which the receiver is precision-activated only when packets are expected to arrive over the link. Thus reducing the potential interference typically seen if a receiver prematurely begins decoding.

*UNII-2 US FCC certification pending


- 10/100/1000-BASE-T
- 2 independent dual-stream radios operating on non-contiguous frequencies
- Automatic load balancing of traffic across 4 total MIMO streams with individual stream encoding up to 256 QAM
- Mimosa cloud monitoring and management SNMPv2 & Syslog legacy monitoring HTTPS HTML 5 based Web UI
- 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n radio for local management access
- Hands-Free dedicated 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi management radio
- Active scan monitors/logs ongoing RF interference across channels (no service impact)
- Dynamic auto-optimization of channel and bandwidth use
- 128-bit AES PSK with hardware acceleration
- Supports 4 pre-configured QoS levels
- 1PPS GPS TX/RX synchronization for colocated co-channel radios
- Adjustable up/downstream bandwidth ratio


Twelve (12) months from the date of unlock.


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